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Colorado Springs Painting contractor delivers exceptional service experience

Better Looking Longer Lasting Painting Results

The fusion of Old World Craftsmanship and New World Technology
for house painting and commercial painting around
Colorado Springs and the Front Range

Tim Hoeffel, Owner at Better Painting & Coatings

Tim Hoeffel, Owner at Better Painting & Coatings

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting. Finding a good painting contractor is finding someone who is concerned about the whole process. From our first meeting to our last, I keep your best interest in mind. I tailor my services to your needs and budget and help you get a good value for your money. 

You might want the highest quality job possible so you never have to paint again. I can make that happen. Then again, you may just need to spruce up your property to get it sold. I can make that happen too. Residential, commercial or industrial. I have paints that solve problems for corrosion, concrete or weatherproofing and more. 

I am detail oriented, conscientious and like my work to look good and do well. Many of my clients like my easy going attitude. I like to let people know I do high quality work, but without the high pressure sales tactics. I can help you select colors that fit your style and paints that fit your lifestyle. I offer 0 VOC paints for the environmentally conscious.

To quote Men's Warehouse, "You're going to like the way you look". 

If you use the same old products you get the same old results. Wouldn't you like to know what else is out there?

Interior Paint is more than box stores. Consumer Reports? Really? J.D. Power? That's just an opinion poll. Read the fine print. Here's a free piece of advise...check out That's where the Pro's go. Click on "approved products" at the top of the menu.

This is the web site for the Master Painters Institute, a leading world wide organization for paint testing and specifications. Some of the paint will surprise you, like Behr, others you will not have heard of. At least you know. 

I provide solutions for the following situations

These are critical areas for many commercial and industrial needs. Please call for a FREE inspection and consultation.



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